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This brand will pay you $36,000 a year to review sex toys

This brand will pay you $36,000 a year to review sex toys

Is this the best job ever? A company in the UK is currently looking to hire a person to be their official sex toy reviewer with perks that will send pulses racing.

The lucky candidate will be given the chance to try out all of sex toy brand LoveWoo’s products and get paid a $36,000 salary.

The orgasm-seeking tester will be able to work from home two days a week, with the other three being spent in the office.

You can also take advantage of unlimited holiday, a three-day company retreat, discounted gym membership at a selection of premier gyms and private healthcare.

And birthdays are given off, as well as a half day on the birthday eve.

The sex toy tester will have access to the LoveWoo products, which include everything from lingerie and games to sex toys.

The tester will then try the items out, review them on their strong points and say how they could be improved.

You will also use social media to share reviews, respond to customer queries and write features for the site.

The unusual job comes with an equally outside-the-box application process.

If you wish to apply, you have to send in a sample sex toy review, along with a CV and/or a video application.

This should explain why you should be the one given the role of their new sex toy reviewer.

The London-based company says they are looking for someone with a sense of humor, who is open-minded and has excellent communication skills.

They should ideally have been published before and should be able to create interesting features, advice pieces and product round-up guides.


Jerking Off As A Medicine

Jerking Off As A Medicine


Watching porn is an exciting yet most popular activity that helps you to get some better health benefits. There are many ways in which watching porn and masturbating can help you to lead a happy sex life. You can check out any Random sex blog that can help you to get better information on the topic.

There are many of them, and when you are making sex for real, then you need some better experience with this thing. The only thing that can help you to get a long way up to the top is the new techniques and position that helps prevailing pleasure for your partner.


Health benefits of Masturbation

There are many, and it is for real that masturbation helps you to get a better sex life. You can check any Random sex blog to get the information in a detailed manner, and the benefits that you get are –

  • Cure Prostate Cancer
  • Relieves Stress
  • Better Sex Drive
  • No STD
  • Self-Satisfaction

How Can Porn help you?

If you are watching porn and you do that for some reliable reasons, then you should look out associated with watching porn. Everyone does it for a reason, and the porn addiction can be bad at sometimes. These can help you a lot, and these things are –

  • Watching porn can help you to relieve stress, and if you are depressed, then it is better to give it a shot. You can relive all your stress in one shot, and it is all you need.
  • If you are watching porn, then you can get some better health. You get better mental health, , and it is all you need for a better life. You get a fresh mind with all the better things associated with porn online.
  • You can turn your dreams into reality by masturbating on the things that you love. There can be many fantasies according to the needed things, and this is all you need for a better sex life. You can do any type of sex you want to and that too in a safe way.


Hey, my real name is Gwenllian, but you can call me Gwen. Chances are you won’t be able to pronounce my real name properly anyway. I am a writer and a sex expert, but enough about me. Tell me your story and maybe I will publish it, with your permission.

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