Sex Scenes

[Music] when actors have to do sex scenes in the film it can be very embarrassing awkward and even nerve-wracking but what if the sex scenes were real wouldn’t even notice if they were well get your tube socks ready and see for yourself these scenes are argued to be as real as it gets on the big screen with that being said to our list does she think my penis is smart lisa’s studies show that 80% of women’s ideal penis size is six and a half inches and above but in fact the average penis size around the world is only four and a half inches that means most men are two inches shorter than the ideal size that’s why it’s up to you to buy the more shaft program which teaches you how to grow your penis two inches in ninety days she used to laugh until you got more shaft number ten the brown bunny this critically shitted on movie starring chloe Savini who is by no means shy about her sexual urge is the performance of a lifetime in the brown bunny she gives film creator and co-star Vincent Gallo a 100% legitimate blowjob fuck I never get booked for blowjobs I need a new agent in fact seeing as the film is considered to be so shitty as it is the sloppy toppy is what it’s come to be known for now somebody just needs to upload it to pornhub where it belongs number nine lie with me if the sex in the movie lie with me looks real hits because it is film stars Lauren Lee Smith and Eric Balfour confirmed that they really got it on for this movie so I guess you could say it wasn’t that bad of a day’s work well maybe the janitors there must have been semen everywhere eight intimacy intimacy is a 2001 British film starring mark Rylands in Carrie Fox the film features a few steamy sex scenes that actually turned out to be completely real and it even helped the movie bring home the award for best film at the Berlin Film Festival because Germany knows good sex oddly it didn’t win any AVN Awards number 7 love gas bar no ace 2015 film love featured will sex between actors Carl Guzman and aomi mu yuk but Gaspar took his erotic romance film to the next level by producing it in 3d I was pretty much dodging dicks left and right watching this film most of the sex was not choreographed and Gaspar admitted that this film would give men erections and get women wet I don’t like what we try to achieve with our videos on the daily right my Wiz’s number six Little Ashes Robert Pattinson played artist Salvador Dali the 2009 film Little Ashes and one scene where he played with his handsome Vienna sausage seems a little too real for the audience and they weren’t wrong Robert recently admitted that he jerked it on screen in order to make it realistic and according to him faking the scene just wouldn’t work so his jizz alert face is authentic and will live for eternity through this movie coagula Penthouse magazine founder Bob Guccione produced this intensely erotic historical drama coagula which is about the fall of the Roman Emperor of the same name it shouldn’t be surprising at all but the founder of a pornographic men’s magazine wanted to make a movie with unstimulated sex the movie features sexy ass cougar Helen Mirren when she was still a cup doing all the stuff I may my imagination on screen for wetlands wetlands is not a film for the faint of heart it stars Carla jury as a hyper sexual teenager engaged in some crazy-ass sexual activities including masturbating with vegetables which some might say inspire the eggplant emoji and VeggieTales but in another scene a group of men bust a nut on top of a pizza which was in no way sugar-coated for the big screen so remind me to never put ranch on my pizza ever again but you know who does love ranch on his pizza HD flat loves ranch on his pizza and what I mean by ranch is just HD loves cheese number three short bus and no I’m not talking about what HD flat took to school every morning we’re talking about the drama film titled short bus gnome primarily for featuring unstimulated sex scenes the movie is about young people who need at a sex saloon on a weekly basis to connect with people differ even encouraged to have real orgasms especially for the final orgy scene another big shout-out to the janitors I’m sure here was a shitstorm cleaning up all that yogurt number 2 nymphomaniac when Shia LaBeouf has sex on camera he has fucking sex on camera just do it and he proved that with the 2014 film nymphomaniac the promotion for this movie went viral as it was revealed build wide all the sex scenes in the film were completely real and unfiltered I guess you can say he went from busting guts with Autobots to busting nuts with model thoughts monsters ball coming in had a number one on our list is the 2001 film monsters ball this is the movie that won’t Halle Berry in Oscar but some would say it wasn’t just because of her acting abilities that it was also her ability to throw that ass in a circle in the film she has an intense that scene with co-star Billy Bob Thornton which both have never denied the rumors of the sex being 100% authentic which is good on Billy’s behalf because I’m sure having to film a fake sex scene with Halle Berry might have left him with blueberries see what I did there well if the scene was fake I’m sure Billy Bob took it out on the restroom minutes later and another underpay janitor had to put some elbow grease and scrape off mr. Thornton’s jizz off the wall since it’s almost acidic from all the you know the STDs he has and there you have it our list of 10 movie sex scenes that were real did we miss any other jizz alert worthy sex scenes if so mention them in the comment section below and as always don’t forget to Like share and subscribe